The Restoration Marketing Experts Podcast

Episode 8 | How to Optimize for MAXIMUM Conversion & Leadflow

In this episode, I'll be sharing how to Maximize Conversion (from visitor to caller) on your restoration website and specific tweaks that can be made to double or even triple the number of calls you are getting from the visitors already getting to your website.

Episode 7 | Why do you need Google Ads and SEO?

In this episode, I answer a question that we get all the time. Why do you need Google Ads and why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

Episode 6 | The Top 4 Frustrations Around Google Reviews

In this new episode, we will cover why Google reviews matter and how to get more. You'll discover why reviews matter for SEO and getting found online! I'll even share with you step-by-step instructions on sending a review invite!

Episode 5 | Does website speed really matter?

Today I want to answer a question that we get probably every week, and it’s either “why is my website not running very fast?” Or “why is my website so slow?”

Episode 4 | How to MAXIMIZE your Lead Flow with PPC & Google Ads

On this new webinar we cover how to generate more leads & get better results online via Paid Search. You'll discover how the AdWords engine works, the secrets to maximizing quality score, and even proven examples that you can swipe & deploy! I even share with you the most important KPI's & how to track them!

Episode 3 | How much should you spend on Facebook Ads?

In this episode, I just wanted to answer a question that we get pretty often. The question is, how much should I spend on a Facebook ad?

Episode 2 | The 2021 Guide to Google Maps

The lion's share of searchers goes to Google and click on the MAPS Listings more than any other area when looking for Restoration Contractors. In this episode I will share the latest changes to Google Maps and a proven formula for getting restoration businesses ranked in Top 3.

Episode 1 | Solving the #1 Marketing Challenge in the Restoration Industry

In this episode I will focus on solving the biggest marketing challenge that is faced by restoration companies...

And how to solve it!

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